Randobreizh.fr : new version under development.

As you may have noticed, for some time now, the website has been slow or even inaccessible.

At the beginning, Randobreizh was a blog, a blog to which I gradually added the various functionalities you know today. The whole thing was not thought and designed as such from the start, and the dazzling success of the platform is currently making it wobble on its foundations!

I have therefore decided to develop a new, more optimised version, which will be faster but also designed to be more scalable. I am also taking the opportunity to review the relevance of the current features.

What features will Randobreizh.fr have in the future?

To start with, I’m thinking of removing the forum, which is not very useful and which could be replaced by a FAQ.

I also plan to set up a new section to allow you to organise outings between you. This is a recurrent request on the social networks. I’m still researching this idea, so if you have any suggestions, inspiring examples, I’m all ears.

The new version is also designed to be multilingual, so the site will finally be translated into English, and why not into Breton in the future!

I’m listening to you 🙂

While waiting for the arrival of this new version of your favourite hiking platform, I am entirely at your disposal. As long as I have my hands in the code, it’s time to send your remarks or suggestions. You can use the comments below (or on social networks if you’re more comfortable there).

Thank you in advance for your patience and involvement. See you soon and have a good walk!

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