Randobreizh is a collaborative website whose aim is to promote walking and hiking in Brittany.

Who created Randobreizh?

The website was created in 2017 by Julien Appert, a web developer and a lover of Sunday walks with his family.

Creating Randobreizh was initially the answer to a personal problem. Not being a native of the region, Julien searched on the web for GPS tracks of walks to discover the country, near his home, in the department, the region… The difficulty was to find the right source of information: the website of the town, the inter-municipality, the tourist office, the department or the region? The answer is far from being systematic and depends a lot on local budgets and wills.

Julien therefore decided to create a website to centralise all the information gathered during his research and, in this way, help walkers to find a walk immediately, throughout the region, without having to spend hours of tedious research.

How is Randobreizh collaborative?

It is your opinions, advice and photos that make Randobreizh a collaborative website. Contrary to what is done elsewhere, users cannot propose their own routes: here you will only find marked routes selected by the local authorities for their tourist interest. However, are these routes well maintained, suitable for pushchairs and practicable all year round? This is where the community comes in!

Why is Randobreizh present in Loire-Atlantique?

The website lists marked routes throughout Brittany, i.e. in Finistère, Côtes d’Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan and Loire-Atlantique. Including the Loire-Atlantique was from the start a purely pragmatic choice, as the natural and cultural heritage of Brittany does not stop at administrative borders. On a more personal note, Julien has lived in Nantes for 10 years, where the Breton atmosphere is omnipresent.